our friends

We thought we would share a page where we highlight some of our friends and their businesses!

(They are in no particular order)

The Operational Athlete

Matt is an all-around great guy!

Matt is a police officer with a local agency. 

Matt is also a Veteran!

You can see more about him on his Instagram!

Operational Athlete Instagram Link

Operational Athlete Website

The Roadhouse Bar & Grill

Nat and John are the owners of The Roadhouse Bar & Grill, which is located in Torrance, CA.

The 'local bar' is a great location. Not only do they have great drinks, their food is top-notch! If you can, go for breakfast or get a burger!

Their breakfast is extremely popular!

Roadhouse is located at

3103 W 190th St

Torrance, CA 90504

Roadhouse Website

Roadhouse Instagram

Tea Tree Productions

We have known Chris, from  Tea Tree Productions, for many years.

Chris recently opened up his business and is extremely successful!

Tea Tree Productions is a company that offers photography and videography services, specifically for real estate.

You can view some of Chris' work below:

Tea Tree Productions Instagram

Tea Tree Productions Website