Frequently Asked Questions

Where is South Bay Custom Printing LLC (SBCP) located?

South Bay Custom Printing LLC is located at 2730 Monterey St, #108, Torrance, CA 90503.

What are the hours of SBCP?

Our hours vary, however someone will be at the shop Monday - Friday between 10 am and 5 pm. Normally staff is around earlier, later and on weekends, however we may be printing items or are dedicated to office work. We do request emails for quicker service as office staff may be assisting in the warehouse.

Can I visit SBCP?

The short answer: Yes, however we would rather communicate via email at the beginning stages of your order.

Due to the nature of the items being produced, we understand that customers would like to visit us to go over print jobs. Although this is great and we truly would love to meet you in person, one of the most important steps in the printing process is artwork. Currently, we have our art team working remotely from their homes and are limited to our printing staff on site.

What is the phone number to SBCP?

The number is 855-762-2901

With that said, we do prefer emails as we can refer back to them. Also, staff may be assisting the production team at times and may miss your phone call.

What is an email address to get in contact?

You can email us at info@southbaycustomprinting.com

We do prefer emails and tend to respond withing a couple of hours.

What shirts are used for print jobs?

For our printed apparel, we prefer using Alstyle and Gildan.

For your custom bulk jobs, you may choose the brand that you would like to use.

You can browse the different apparel items at the top of this page under Browse Catalogs.

Normally, we do not offer our designs on different styles/colors unless there is a bulk order.

Can I order custom shirts for my project?

Custom printed apparel is our specialty, however we do not 'cut and sew'. We do not offer custom blank apparel.

What do you offer?

Screen Printing, Embroidery, Stickers, Banners, Signs, Engraved Tumblers, Challenge Coins, Pins, Vehicle Wraps, Flags and much more... please take a look at our catalogs at the top of this page under Browse Catalogs.

Do you have minimums?

Certain items require minimums, however we do not have minimums with our printed apparel.

As always, contact us so that we can give you a definite answer.

Is the licensed merchandise legit?

Of course! Each item that we sell will have a description. If the description states that the item is licensed, rest assured that it is officially licensed.

Who makes the designs? Can I use one of the designs?

Our art team comes up our designs along with management approval. SBCP DOES NOT authorize any person or business to recreate our designs, in any form.

We have had inquiries for custom orders, such as the GnHG Playground Monitor. We have no issue customizing for your need, such as our design on the back and your department logo on the front, however we do not authorize anyone to recreate any of the designs.

How much is shipping?

For retail sales, we have a chart to refer to for pricing.


For sales from our sub-websites, please refer to that website's FAQ for pricing.

For bulk or custom printed orders, the price is determined with the weight of the merchandise.

Why is shipping the price that it is?

No matter which form of pricing we go off of, we also have to account that not only has the item(s) been paid for, we also have to utilize packaging, tape, stamps/postage and/or shipping labels. The majority of the time,  we drop off the packages at our local post office, which is literally 3 blocks away. We have noticed a reduction of lost packages when we do this.

How long does it take to get my order?

For any purchases from our sub-websites, please refer to the respective FAQ pages of those sites.

For bulk and custom items, it varies and could depends on your location. At the time of ordering your items, we discuss completion dates.

Why has my order not shipped?

If you purchased from one of our sub-websites and have yet to receive a shipping notification, please contact us.

If you received your tracking information, please track your package.


Once the item(s) leave our warehouse, SBCP is not responsible for delays or mishaps within the shipping carriers.

When you receive tracking, we drop off the items at the end of that day. There are instances that USPS employees request us to drop the packages off in the back where the numerous bins are (instead in the main customer service area). When this occurs, your item(s) has shipped, however it will not be scanned until it gets to the next destination.

How is my order being shipped?

For online retail orders, we normally utilize USPS. For larger or bulk orders, we normally utilize UPS.

We reserve the right to choose the shipping carriers.

What is the return policy?

You must contact SBCP within 7 days of receiving your order. Items that you wish to return or exchange must have a Return Authorization Number (RAN). You may request a RAN by contacting us via email.

The customer is responsible for paying any and all shipping fees unless SBCP shipped the wrong item(s) and or size(s) that were ordered.

Note: Ordering a size and it not fitting does not account for a wrong size being ordered. SBCP must have sent a wrong size, according to your order.

There are absolutely no returns or exchanges on custom printed items, bulk orders or face masks.

What is the exchange policy?

Exchanges are handled on a case-by-case basis. Normally, if an item just did not fit but we did ship the correct item that was purchased, we will come to a collective agreement.

Be sure that you order the correct size. If you have any questions regarding fit of an item, please contact us and we can send you the specifications.

I received an item that was defective... now what?

There may be instances in which an item may be defective due to a misprint or fault in the actual item from the manufacturer.

If an order was defective, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order via email or our Contact Page.


Please provide us with your order number, the exact item that was defective, what was defective about the item, a picture showing the defective item(s) and what outcome you are looking to have.

Our staff inspects each item after production and prior to packaging to ship, however mistakes happen... we will 'make it right'.

What happens after I get the RAN?

In order to make an approved return or exchange, the item(s) must be shipped back to SBCP within five business days of receiving the Return Authorization Number. The customer must provide SBCP with a tracking number of the item.


SBCP will evaluate the item(s) within 3 business days of receiving the item(s) and contact you.

How do I get a refund?

If you are unhappy with your purchase and the purchase does not fall in any of the categories above we can issue you a refund. The we may request the items shipped back. The shipping cost of returning items will be the responsibility of the customer, as long as there was no mistake in the order. A RAN will be issued. Once the items(s) are inspected, we will issue a refund to the payment used when originally purchased.

We DO NOT accept or authorize refunds on custom orders.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?

Please use the contact form at the top of the page to contact us.


2730 Monterey St #108,

Torrance, CA 90503, USA




Art Dept.




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We do prefer email so that we can refer back to notes easier.