Send us your artwork

Once you send us your artwork to be reviewed, we will go over all details. We can give you an estimate at this stage.

Digitized logo.

We will provide you with a digital imaging comp of your graphic with all information we have discussed.

You will need to pay for any digitizing prior to digitizing.

Every Stitch Counts

We pay attention to all the details of your graphic because every pixel is important. We pride ourselves to deliver high quality embroidery.

Unlike other forms of printing, such as screen printing, the embroidery machines are set up to only perform one design at a time. Whether you are embroidering one piece of numerous pieces, the whole machine is occupied.

Embroidery does take approximately 5-10 days to complete.


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Ready to Start the Process?!

Whether you already have a project specification or you just want to learn more about the way we work, don't be afraid to contact us.

We do prefer email so that we can refer back to notes easier.