About our order process

Learn about our process, technique and how we achieve an amazing high quality print each time.

1. Build a Quote

In order to build a quote, we will need some information from you.


Do you have artwork in an Illustrator or Photoshop format?

Do you know what kind of merchandise you are looking to print on? Brand, Style, Color, Size and Quantity?


Even if you don't have any of the information listed above, we can still help make your vision a reality!

2. Invoice & Post Payment

Once we discuss your art and figure out what apparel you would like to put your design on, we will send you a detailed invoice.


We require that the invoice is paid in full, prior to the start of any production.

3. Your Order Process Begins

If your art was not print-ready, we will have to re-draw it.

If you sent us information to create art, we will be creating it.

This time varies on complexity of the art, however we normally complete this portion within 2-5 business days.

4. Approve Mock Up

 You will receive your mock up of art via email for approval.

This approval is crucial and all details must be reviewed - colors, size, placement, etc.

We will go back and forth until your artwork is to your liking.

We do request that any changes you wish to make, to list them all in one message as multiple changes via multiple messages may get confusing or overlooked.

5. Run the Presses

Once you approve your artwork, we start the presses!

​We normally do not print 'samples' as the mock up acts as the sample.


If a sample is needed, we will need to know prior to the invoice so that we can charge accordingly. Single pieces are priced at a higher bracket than the full run of your order. 


The completion time for printing is approximately 3-7 business days.

Completion time during high traffic times may take longer.

6. Pick Up / Ship

You will receive an email once your order is ready.


We will follow your terms of the invoice and either ship your order to you or prepare your order for pick up.


Note: Shipping is not included in production turn around time.

Send us your artwork

Once you send us your artwork to be reviewed, we will go over all details. We will discuss what is the best printing method for your graphic and also how many colors.


Mock up for approval

We will provide you with a digital imaging comp of your graphic with all information we have discus. Sizing, garment style, colors, etc...  

We offer a variety of print techniques to meet all your needs. Please visit our Ink Techniques and if you have any question, we can discuss and explain what ink is best for your graphic.


We pay attention to all the details of your graphic because every pixel is important. We pride ourselves to deliver high quality screen print.  


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Art Dept.



Ready to Start the Process?!

Whether you already have a project specification or you just want to learn more about the way we work, don't be afraid to contact us.

We do prefer email so that we can refer back to notes easier.